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Clermont is a market leader in privacy and data protection search & recruitment

Data protection and privacy have transformed in recent years. Regulators are imposing ever-greater obligations on organisations.

Businesses are increasingly seeking specialist legal, regulatory and compliance professionals to help them navigate the evolving landscape of data protection and privacy.

Companies often need to consider multiple digital regulations across diverse sectors and regions. The rules are complex, and they change fast.

But finding the right people in this quickly evolving space is about more than just compliance—it means embracing digital transformation and reaping the rewards.

Clermont is a long-established specialist in data protection and privacy search & recruitment. We find candidates to help you exceed your data protection compliance requirements.

All businesses must consider the risks involved in collecting, storing, and using personal data—whether for marketing, HR, or any other purpose.

The passing of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a wake-up call for many organisations.

But GDPR compliance is a baseline.

The best data protection and privacy professionals will enable you to go further. To mitigate emerging legal risks, protect the privacy rights of all your stakeholders, and fully harness the value of your company’s data.

Clermont offers unrivalled expertise in recruiting data protection and privacy professionals.

We’ll connect you with the very best candidates in the market.

Example Roles

  • Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
  • Partner (law firm)- Privacy, Data & Cyber
  • Senior Associate – Privacy & data (law firm)
  • Associate – Privacy (law firm)
  • Global Director of Privacy
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Product Counsel (Privacy)
  • Senior Manager – Data Protection
  • Manager – Data Protection
  • Senior Analyst – Data Protection
  • Analyst – Data Protection
  • Project Management Lead – Data Protection

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