We combine traditional search expertise and methodologies with the newest RecTech and digital tooling solutions - to ensure we provide innovative and successful services for our clients every time.
Talent Mapping 
& Pipelining


Retained Search

For over a decade, we’ve been delivering on retained searches for clients across multiple jurisdictions.

We continue to build market intelligence by mapping out global talent and tracking the top performers across our areas of expertise.

Retained Search is recommended for most searches as it enables us to work in close partnership on an exclusive basis with our clients, encouraging high service-levels and helping to ensure hiring processes are successfully completed on-time and within a pre-agreed budget.

Our approach involves thorough market-mapping and combines traditional search expertise and methodologies with the newest RecTech and digital tooling solutions - to ensure we provide innovative and successful services for our clients every time. 


Contingency Search

We’ve built a global network of contacts, which enables us to quickly identify talent pools and make approaches to potential candidates on an ad-hoc basis.

Contingency Search is occasionally recommended as the best route to market, and our clients benefit from being able to plug-in into our extensive network of quality candidates.  

We use market-leading RecTech and digital tooling systems to ensure we can quickly identify and attract top talent, however difficult the search.

Retained search remains the most the most effective method of securing the best talent, however we can also help you hire on a contingent / success only basis.

Why use contingency search?

• You’re at the beginning of the recruitment process
• You need to fill a vacancy quickly
• You wish to avoid up-front fees

With contingency search, we quickly connect you with a professional whom we already know.

We maintain an active relationship with our contacts, so we can offer a quick turnaround without compromising on suitability.


Talent Mapping 
& Pipelining

Since 2009, we’ve been working closely with our clients to understand market demands, monitor emerging skill sets and build methods to build a consistent flow of candidates to meet emerging requirements.

Our Talent Mapping and Talent Pipelining services can be delivered independently or as a combined solution.

Talent Mapping

Our talent mapping solutions provide you with total visibility of the talent pool. We use active market sourcing, as well as a range of high-quality data sources and our transparent, research-led approach enables us to find creative solutions for identifying and accessing hard-to-reach or untapped sources of talent, including diverse talent.

We provide detailed reports that contextualise talent and deliver insights that mean you know not just the who, but the what, where, when and why.

Clermont’s access to local and global market intelligence is unrivalled. We believe that hiring in today’s competitive market should always be intelligence-led and proactive.

The market insights we provide via talent mapping enable our clients to gain competitive advantage.

Talent Pipelining

Our talent pipelining solutions provide market intelligence and highly engaged talent pools, that enable businesses to manage risk, build capability, drive diversity and quickly fill active vacancies.

Our consultative, collaborative and flexible approach means you can pipeline talent at a pace that works best for your business. Our pipelining service includes comprehensive market mapping and engagement, qualification of talent against key criteria, candidate assessment and benchmarking.

This intelligence-led approach can be used for business continuity and succession planning, diversity initiatives and the monitoring of evolving skill sets. Talent pipelining helps future-proof clients with a consistent flow of high-calibre quality candidates.

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